4 Amazing Indian Summer Wedding Hairstyles for the Ravishing Bride

Summer is here; so is the wedding season. And as you scour through your wardrobe for the best attire, the shoes and consult a makeup artist, you suddenly stop before the mirror! No one has told you about your hairdo. And as you look at your lovely tresses, you begin to wonder how you are going to manage your hair without some help. Well, it is time to beat the summer heat and bring out your creative side with hairdos that will make you look stylish and keep you cool at the same time. Let’s find out four interesting ways to manage the lovely tresses.

The totally cool top knot
Well, weddings are all about being gorgeous and stunning everyone with your lovely looks. If looks could kill, Indian weddings would be a massacre! Most women prefer ethnic wear in Indian weddings; lehenga being the most favourite of all times. If you are looking at the perfect hairstyle with lehenga, the top knot has to be the best-suited one. You can never go wrong with this classy hairstyle. Whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid, Supriti Batra, makeup artist in Mumbai is of the opinion that top knot is probably the most convenient and at the same time chic hairstyle for a summer wedding. It is easy to manage a pallu over a top knot. Plus, if you let your side fringes down, it creates an amazing careless yet beautiful look.

Mesmerize with your messy braid
If you are a modern Rapunzel, you have lots of options to explore; messy braid being one of them. Braids have never gone out of style says Supriti Batra, makeup artist in Andheri-Mumbai. But of course, they have undergone a magnificent change over the years. There are many women who prefer the traditional braids on their wedding days; however those who want to experiment can opt for a messy look. Instead of a neat braid, you can go for a messy and lose braid which looks more natural. Also, this hairdo goes really well with both a lehenga and a saree; so you need not bother about whether your attire matches your hairstyle. And instead of keeping your hair open, this chic style will help you to beat the summer heat in the coolest way possible.

Flowy with a flower bun
Your mom had done a pretty bun on her wedding day; you might want to do the same. A bun is a common hairstyle and much innovation can be done with this hairdo. You can opt for a loose bun which will hang close to your nape; some prefer a side bun, while others would go for a braided bun. But nothing would look vibrant without some flowers. A flower bun is probably the most stylish way to do your hair in Indian summers. It looks gorgeous and apt for the occasion.

Side swept hair with a piece of jewellery

If you feel that you can carry your hair open through the entire ceremony, you can wear your hair sideways in typical Mughlai style and decorate it with a tiara or a lovely piece of head jewellery. It looks very distinctive and dignified; and it also shows creativity. The style of side swept hair was common among Persians which has been later adopted by Indians. This hairdo goes really well with a flowy breathtaking lehenga in rich deep tones.

Bring in the fun element and join the gala extravaganza on Indian weddings; whether it is your hair, attire or jewellery, you can be absolutely creative without compromising on the comfort quotient.

About Supriti Batra

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