4 Makeup Tips that Cannot Go Wrong in Indian Summer

Summer is here! And you know it pretty well, because you can feel the heat; most importantly you can feel it on your face. And in no time, you will stand in front of the mirror and try to figure out what happened to your glowing skin. It is not easy to look cool in the sweltering heat, especially in Indian summer which brings with it a dose of humidity. Oily and sweaty skin, smudged lipstick and runny makeup are just some of the common woes; the sun can actually do a lot more damage to your skin and you may not like it at all. So, keep aside your worries and try to find out about 4 tips that will help you to beat the heat in the most umber cool way!

Make way for the primer
You may find it unnecessary; but using the primer under the makeup is absolutely essential for Indian summers. This is one of the best ways to keep your makeup in place. Additionally, it also helps to reduce enlarged pores, wrinkles, fine lines and even hides the acne scars. Your face will get a flawless look instantly. Those who have never used a primer before should know that it can be used under the foundation with a proper moisturizer to retain the long-lasting look of the makeup. Did you know that milk of magnesia can act as a perfect primer? Take a cosmetic sponge and use the lotion all over your face and let it dry before applying make-up.

No more eye shadows
A little known fact is that eye shadows easily melt in warm weather as the powdery consistency tends to melt as it meets oils and moisture. Those who simply cannot do without an eye shadow can simply opt for nude eyeliner on the bottom of the waterline. This gives an open-up eyes feel and creates a fresh look!

Keep your powder ready
After you have applied foundation to the skin, you can add a layer of translucent powder. You should never drag the brush across the skin because that may remove the foundation and create ugly patches; rather you can dab the brush firmly on the skin. The powder will sit on the skin firmly and allow the make-up to set. Moreover, you will have an even face on the look which is much desired on a hot summer day!

Shiny sheer on lips
For a summer party in the evening, you can skip the thick lipsticks; instead you can go for tinted or clear lip balms. Pastels and chic nudes maintain the natural look of the lips ensuring no smudges and bleeding lips. And if you are still keen on using lipsticks, you need to put foundation on your lips before you apply your favourite colour.

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