4 Summer Fabrics those are chic and Comfortable for Weddings

Beating the summer heat is never easy; especially if you are experiencing the great Indian summer! And if you have a wedding lined up, you are sure to feel nervous, because weddings are meant for stylish attires and gorgeous jewellery. But what can do in this imposing heat? Supriti Batra, makeup artist in Gurgaon feels that one should be comfortable in their fabrics; otherwise everything will go haywire. So, she suggests some nice fabrics that are chic and are perfect for an Indian summer wedding. Let’s check them out!

Cotton steals the show: You may find it a little surprising especially when you are thinking about weddings; cotton will probably be the last thing in your mind. But cotton is naturally comfortable and will make you feel nice and less warm even in the most hot and humid weather. Cotton sarees are quite in demand these days, and if you have an outdoor event like a mehandi or a sangeet, you can bring out your stylish saree and pair it up with junk jewellery. Cotton saree with chikan kari or light embroidery work are simply too good to resist. Plus, you have some nice pastel shades to choose from which will give you a summery and breezy feel.

In love with linen: Another fabric which Supriti Batra, makeup artist in Delhi NCR swears by is linen. Linen is not only comfortable, but they are extremely stylish. The tie-and-die linen sarees are extremely popular among women who want to look different in an Indian summer wedding. There is a cool feel about this fabric and it almost works like an air-conditioner for the body. Many has complained that the fabrics gets wrinkled easily, but one can actually water spray the saree and smooth the wrinkle in no time at all. Moreover a lot of experimentation is being done with this fabric; so do not be surprised if you get geometric designs, animal prints on diverse colour palette. Pink, grey and lavender are three of the most common shades for linen sarees. Pair up the linen saree with a quarter-sleeved blouse in darker shade and wear your hair in a tight bun; you will definitely rock the style!

Smooth silk blends: Silk blends are a softer and lighter version of silk. It is a natural fiber and is regarded as a perfect summer fabric. Unlike pure or raw silk, it will never stick to your body and you will never sweat in this fabric. Those who want to opt for a western look in the weddings can simply sport a flowy gown made from this material. Match it up with chandelier earrings and you are ready to steal the show.

Comfortable in khadi: When the heat gets too much says Supriti Batra, makeup artist in Delhi, khadi is one fabric which can never go wrong. Gandhi’s passion for this yarn is now reinvented in many ways and has taken the world by storm. Sarees with a blend of khadi and cotton are quite popular these days and can be worn in any pre-wedding or post-wedding gathering.

Select your fabric for the summer; always remember that you can rock in whatever you want, but you just need to be comfortable!

About Supriti Batra

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