5 biggest mistakes a bride can do

When its your wedding time, you have to be extra cautious about everything that you do. From food to clothing to workout, everything is crucial and must be done in routine. If we talk about makeup, we usually book for a makeup artist and leave everything up to her and then when the D-day arrives, we panic. So what are the 5 big mistakes a bride can commit when it comes to her wedding preparations?

Let’s discuss them here:
1. Try for new
It’s your wedding day and you simply cannot go for an experimental makeup on the D-day itself. All these experiments and trials must be done days before the wedding day. As a bride, you should fix up an appointment with your makeup artist and make sure you discuss all aspects of makeup before the final day.

2. If it’s trendy, it’s great
Most women feel that it is best to follow the trend and get makeup done accordingly. But what you should keep in mind while having your makeup done is that the memories of your wedding are timeless and they are going to be seen through photographs even years later. So trendy is not always best choice. Go for something that will give you modern and sober look even after 10 years when you watch the photographs.

3. Do I need the trial?
The answer to this question is and will always be YES. You should not even think of skipping your makeup trials. It is important to sit with your makeup professional and decide upon the entire look so that you are only pleasantly surprised when you look yourself in the mirror.

4. Dramatic eyes look great
Dramatic eyes are great when you are partying but not for your bridal makeup. Always play with colors when it comes to eye makeup. Go for colors that are soft and glamorous for your eyes. Shades that enhance your eye color look great in photographs too.
Tip: Choose cream eye shadow instead of face powder for your base, it lasts longer.

5. Not waterproofing the makeup
On your wedding day you are bound to shed some tears. In that case you would not want to have your makeup flow all over the face and steal away the charm. To avoid that opt for waterproof makeup. Also remember not to rub your face to wipe tears; slight dab will also do the task.

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