6 Most Graceful Engagement Hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles are limited to the tried and tested bun since you are supposed to take a dupatta over your head and a solid structure is needed to hold it up in place. Though, hair buns are pretty but they keep you restricted. However,Engagement is the time when you can be totally creative with your hair. By being creative, we meanrevealing subdued glamour through a significant hairstyle that creates an unforgettable magic. So, if you are confused with which style to go for, we have got some most amazing hairdosto share that can make you look gorgeous for your engagement party.

1. Side Pony: You can be innovative with ponytails by making a braid using the front hair and tucking rest of the hair together into a low side pony or a twisted side pony. If you have straight hair, loose curls add bounce. Knotting a sleek low pony and plaiting it into a fishtail braid suits most of the face types and is much more favored.

2. Braided Hairstyle: Hair accessories can be best utilized on braided hairstyles. A braided crown by separating hair into two low braids and pulling them up over your head or a braided halo by braiding small section at temple area and working back towards crown keeping rest of the hair open with soft curls look stylish. You can also revolve around the braid by a flowery thread.

3. Half up half down: This simple half up half down hairstyle is a blend of bun as well as open hair. Lots of curls all pinned to one side and a little puff at the back offer liveliness. The side parting waves on the front with flower accessory creates the look delicate and modern.

4. High Bun with bangs: A high bun gives a finished look while bangs look stylish. Center or side parting gives additional style to top knot plus swept bangs. You can decorate the high bun by jeweled chains or superb ornaments for forehead. This is single of the elegant pre-wedding hairstyles.

5. Braided or Messy bun: If you have long hair, twisty or messy buns look great on your engagement. Take a middle part close to your forehead and plait or curl your hair dragging into a bun. Keeping it at the center or loosely on one side, you can use simple or studded hair pins to add glamour to it.

6. Lustrous curls: This is the simplest hairstyle which looks stylish if you have extensive hair. A curl barrel is all you need with some trendy hair pins and accessories. Flatten out your bangs and give yourself an overall curly haired look or curls just at the end with the help of curling barrel by twisting the tips of your hair.

Let your lovely hair come under the limelight at your engagement and be admired. Renowned hairstylist, Supriti Batra can help you choose a graceful hairstyle for your engagement according to your face shape.

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