7 Key Areas Bride-to-be Must Focus On

The big day is approaching and you are excited to get a makeover done by your makeup artist. Although she will do justice to her profession by giving you best quality makeup to enhance your beauty but to have a quintessential bridal look, you must start taking care of yourself in advance.  Here we suggest 7 key areas bride-to-be must focus on.

The following tips can help you have a head to toe beauty treatment:
1. Healthy Hair: Washing, blow-drying, and heat-styling usually damage the hair quality. Start repairing from the inside out with a diet full of Vitamin B for a natural shine, Coconut & Mustard oil massage for strength, scalp massage with Olive oil & Lime juice to remove dandruff and Egg & Curd for nourishment.

2. Glowing Face: Start prepping your skin with deep-cleaning facials once a month. Make sure you have plenty of water, coconut water and watermelon. They keep your skin hydrated. Homemade face packs, cleansers and moisturizers will help to develop a healthy skin. If experiencing skin problems, visit a dermatologist to knock out the root cause.

3. Smiling Eyes: Do not over stress yourself with late night discussion sessions with friends and family. No beauty treatments will work unless you have a good 8 hours sleep every night. Make sure you use a water soluble remover to take off your eye makeup. Apply a vitamin-enriched night cream on the under eye area before going to bed.

4. Healthy Pink Lips: To make your lips look perfect for the wedding day, exfoliate your lips at least once a week. Use a wet toothbrush (with warm water) and buff away dry, flaky skin from your lips. Sugar scrub, lemon juice and lip balm also help in protecting your lips from pigmentation and cracks.

5. Perfect Neck: Make sure your neck does not stop you from wearing strapless or a plunging neckline dress. Start taking care of your neck by scrubbing with a facial scrub when you take shower. Apply a light moisturizer daily. When stepping out, make sure to apply a good quality sunscreen.

6. Smooth Body: Use loofah or a body scrub to exfoliate your skin to make it smoother, softer and toned. Get a full body wax and apply a rich moisturizer all over. You can also go for a body spa at least once a month.

7. Soft Feet: Getting a pedicure before the wedding day is not enough.Indulge your feet in treatments for six weeks leading up to the day using a pumice stone or foot scrapper daily to scrub away dry, cracked dead skin. Apply a thick moisturizer and put on your favorite pair of socks before going to bed.

You can follow these easy steps to get you ready for your wedding. Rest can be left over to Supriti Batra, a renowned makeup artist who caters to your bridal makeup needs and will give you that desired look, which will be cherished for life.

About Supriti Batra

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