7 Makeup Tips for Summer Weddings

Summers are approaching and the wedding too. We identify summers with bright sun, clear sky and of course with lot of sweat due to the scorching heat. Summers give you freedom to dress the way you like whether it’s your wedding or if you are attending one. Weddings are great to attend as fun, food and celebrations come in plenty.  It is therefore required to look your best on every occasion. Among the list of celebrations, wedding day is always counted as the most crucial one. Along with it comes the fear of makeup meltdown, which is the scariest of all. We have come to rescue with some amazing tips and tricks that will keep your makeup intact.

  1. Primer: Going for an oil-free primer before applying makeup is a wise way to prevent excessive oiling. The primer should be lightweight so as to spread evenly and thus create a flawless canvas for further makeup applications.
  2. Sunscreen: Be friends with your sunscreen during hot summer season. Use a sunscreen at least 15 minutes before stepping out in the sun. You must apply a layer of SPF to your face, arms and neck every day, without failure.
  3. Moisturizer: It is always recommended to use minimum layers of makeup during summers, just the way you do it with your clothes. Instead of using your regular foundation swap it with a tinted moisturizer or try a sheer formula to feel lighter and airier on the skin.
  4. Bronzer: Wedding is in the air and there is lot of glam and shine around you. A bronzed skin is best to look at but avoid using too much of bronzer that can give you an excessively shimmery appearance. Instead of a liquid or cream based bronzer use a matte powder that will hold up the heat for you.
  5. Mascara: Add power to your eyes with mascara but choose one with care. Applying an eye base under shadow is a great way to keep your eye makeup intact. A gel based eyeliner and waterproof mascara will add volume and beauty to your glowing eyes. Waterproof mascara will prevent eyes from smudging even when you shed a tear or two.
  6. Lips: Let your lips do the maximum speaking. Use minimum makeup on your face and eyes and instead use lively colors like candy pink and orange that will give you youthful and charming lips.  Use foundation before applying lipstick for long lasting colored lips.
  7. Blotting Paper: Always keep blotting paper handy. They are best to wipe away extra oil and control the shine on your face.
Celebrity makeup artist, Supriti Batra, has perfectly handled hundreds of bridal and wedding makeup clients to give the desired look for every season. With these tips and tricks from her, we wish you get an enduring look this summer wedding.

About Supriti Batra

Supriti Batra, a make up artist by profession specialize in Bridal make up, pre bridal make up, HD makeup, Air Brush makeup and many more services related to makeup and hairdo. She passionately believes in creating a definite differential where bridal makeup is concerned by customizing makeup techniques, products and style for every individual bride.