7 secrets to beautiful Skin in hot summers

Summers have arrived and so are the days of sweat and heat. We are quick with our wardrobe changes as soon as the season changes. But what about your skin care?

Here are 7 secrets to have a beautiful skin in hot summers:

  1. Sunscreen is inevitable: Buy a good quality sunscreen with minimum 30 SPF to keep you protected against harmful UV rays.
  2. Bronzer for a brighter look: Applying a bronzer brings glow to your face but remember apply a bronzer on the high parts of your face, usually where sunlight naturally hits.
  3. Light makeup gives an airy look: Summer is the time for breezy skirts, cotton blouses and a cool look. It is also time to carry light makeup that gives your face an airy touch. Replace foundation with a tinted moisturizer that carries lesser chances of turning cakey in hot weather.
  4. Add some vibrant colors: Bright and lively colors add glow to your face. Try some vivid shades and give your face the sheen it deserves.
  5. Waterproof for long lasting glory: Time to sweat and time to apply waterproof makeup too. Use waterproof products especially on your eyes for your shadow to stay longer.
  6. Increase water intake: Cosmetics work on the outside while consumption of adequate amount of water works effectively from the inside of your body. Water significantly contributes towards building a healthy skin.
  7. Fruity diet is helpful: It is important to have a healthy diet during summers and what better than fruits. They are cool, keep your body temperature maintained and also give you lots of nutrition. It ultimately works from deep inside by removing all body toxins and thus giving you a glowing skin.
With these little but highly effective secrets, get a rocking skin these summers. For further makeup tips you can get in touch with Supriti Batra, a renowned name in makeup industry. Get summery, get light and get glowing.

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