8 Bridal Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

It’s your wedding and your makeup should be perfect to hold the audience spellbound. Bridal makeup is diverse while working on different types of skins. So, your makeup choice should be made according to the skin type. Skin type may vary form very dry to very oily. Summer is here and it is hard to keep the sweat at bay which makes your skin oily. On top of that if you already have an oily skin, it is extremely uncomfortable to manage with heat and humidity as these generate extra oil. And bridal makeup on such skin may prove to be disastrous. So, you may need bridal makeup tips for oily skin that can help you overcome this problem.

Here are few tips:

  1. Anti-shine Primer: A primer is prerequisite before makeup. It helps makeup to stay. A T-zone primer can be used for areas that are most oily like forehead and nose. Avoid shiny primer instead use matt primer for preparing a base after cleaning your face. Use a serum afterwards in place of moisturizer.
  2. Eyelid Primer: Never prime your eyes with a concealer as it makes the skin more oily leaving creases on eyelids. Go for an eyelid primer as it absorbs the creases that generate oil and makes your eyes look perfect.
  3. Powder: Powder does absorb the sweat but it opens the pores afterwards that release excessive oil. However, using it on too oily areas will work. Use a sponge and apply matte translucent formula on your nose after using primer to control the oil.
  4. Blotting Paper: Oil comes in few hours after you have got your best makeup done. Use a blotting paper on oily areas. It will make your skin matte dry.
  5. Oil-free Cosmetics& long lasting Makeup: Every cosmetic contains oil but it is advisable to check on the percentage of oil in the products before use. Always use skin cleansers that are oil-free. Also, go for long-wear cosmetics as they do not smudge and keep your look intact.
  6. Oil removal treatment: Include an oil removal treatment in your pre-bridal package. You can also opt for orange peel-off masks or rub potato peel and honey. This removes excess oil and makes your skin glow.
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