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Supriti Batra

A make-up expert, a creative person, a magician, Supriti Batra gives life to your dreams. She is passionate about life; she lives with an open mind and heart. She sees beauty in everyone and in each passing day.

To make someone look beautiful is an art and she believes that "looking good starts with feeling good!".

Her zealous attitude towards life makes her find the hidden beauty of every individual. With her passion for beauty and the dedication to introduce innovative techniques to apply make-up that give a natural look, she has come a long way in a short time.

She specializes in making someone look stunning and breathtakingly beautiful, that attracts and compels you to turn back for a second look. Besides being a specialist for bridal make-up, Supriti Batra has worked for many celebrities and known personalities and has taken on various work with fashion weeks, designers and shows.

With a strong backing of corporate experience, while she was working with renowned companies like British Airways, SITA Aeronautics, and GE, today she has made a mark in the Makeup & Beauty Industry and has carved a place for herself.

Her creative spirit is what encourages her talent of playing with colours and forms thus always keeping her fascinated to do something innovative. Supriti Batra has dedicated herself to the field of makeup and has handled numerous ramp shows, bridals, photo shoots, and similar media shows. She started her career with Satya Paul and has worked with Riwayat by Meera & Rohit, Kishan Bagri, Amway, Latin Quarters,Trendy Diva, Mills & Boons to name a few.

She has also conducted numerous workshops for corporate's and individuals for grooming and makeup aesthetics. Her success in being a specialist for bridal makeup is accrued to her belief in creation of unambiguous line where bridal make-up symbolizes customization of products; style and the technique to create unique effect on every bride too make her equally unique.

The ardor for make-up and the passion to create unique effects is what drives Supriti Batra. She believes that makeup should be done not to flaunt the beauty with an artificial look but to enhance the natural beauty by highlighting it a little with use of best suited products.

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