How to achieve the different makeup finish by a professional?

We live in an era of options, where any shade of a color for eye shadow or lipstick is readily available in any finish one may think of. However, it requires precision and skill to find the perfect combination of skin type, tone, occasion and that would yield the best desired finish. Of course, one gets to imbibe such a skill set under the watchful guidance of trained mentor-ship. Supriti Batra’s professional makeup classes in Delhi vows to impart an intricately detailed course for makeup application and correction.

The fundamental of makeup application lies in understanding the key finished looks, based on which one can choose to apply the cosmetic products on a particular skin type and tone. Following are the basic categories of the finished looks.

The products are applied straight to give a creamy look, and no shimmery or glittery look. It depends on the extent of application does it range between a shinier and a glossy look. The advantage of using such products is that it is constantly hydrating in nature, and avoids any chances of dry look.

For a fresh reflective look, icy shades of lipstick and eye shadows may be selected. The iridescent shimmer in these products brings out a bright and shiny finish to the entire look for any club party or a cocktail function.

As clearly the name suggests, one chooses glitter for the shades of eye shadow and lipstick.

This particular finish is quite distinguishable from any shimmer or shinier ones. These are devoid of any reflective particles in the eye shadow or lipstick products. Nevertheless these are long lasting formulas, but these can have drying effect and will have to be supplemented with proper hydration formula.

This reflective finish has shades of brown, gold or silver. This way it diverges itself from the frosty look.

Soft sheen look with glitter particles giving frosty look a subtle look, pearl finish is quite perfect for a cocktail party or a family function.

Being perceptive about the demand of the occasion and skin type is the skill that one earns with experience and an intensive training. Supriti Batra ensures providing an unmatched quality at her makeup artist academy in Delhi under her own guidance and supervision.

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