Importance of CTM as a skin care regime

We are super excited when we have a wedding or an occasion to celebrate. At the same time our mind starts calculating from where to start with the preparations. There is apparel to decide, footwear to match, professional makeup artist to hire and then you suddenly remember that your face has been deprived of care and attention since long. Panic, Panic and Panic! To save you from these panic attacks we have some very important information to share: regularity of CTM and how it can keep your skin ever ready to party.

Before you start with your CTM routine, it is important to know your skin type. Your skin might change with changing weather, so choose and use products accordingly.

This is the first step of CTM that helps to remove dirt, pollution and makeup from your face. Apply cleanser on your face and massage it gently with fingertips just to ensure that the dirt and pollution is removed from your skin pores. Wash your face with Luke warm water and pat dry with a towel. Make sure that you leave no traces of cleanser.

Toning your face after cleansing is essential. It helps to firmly close the pores of your skin, which were opened during cleansing. Depending upon your toner type either spray it over your face or just dab it with a cotton ball. Toning helps in reduction of possibility of breakouts and further development of blackheads. Rose water is a famous and effective toner for normal to dry skin and can be used safely on daily basis.

Cleansing and toning removes everything from your skin. Apart from dirt and makeup it also removes the moisture content from your face leaving it completely bare. This is where the role of a good quality moisturizer pops in. moisturizing prevents your skin from wrinkles and appearing patchy. Thus a good moisturizer will add moisture to skin thereby adding smoothness and suppleness.

CTM is a three-step process and every step is essential. Each of them has it’s own relevance and therefore, they must be done all together. While cleanser removes the impurities, toner helps to get rid of dead cells and close the open pores. Moisturizer will allow your skin to hydrate. With regular CTM, you have your skin ready for your party makeup any single day. Irrespective of seasons this process is a must, though you can change the products depending upon weather conditions.

When asked, renowned makeup artist, Supriti Batra mentions, “CTM is a must. It must not be ignored at any cost. Follow the regime of doing CTM twice a day and keep your skin young and glowing forever.”

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