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Makeup & Hairdo

Makeup Artist In Punjab

Choosing us as your makeup artist in Punjab will help you achieve the best look for your party, wedding, engagement and other celebrations. Our luxury makeup services are designed to offer longevity, besides of course enhancing your beauty and appearance. As the leading makeup artist in Punjab, we specialize in offering airbrush makeup and simple yet sophisticated look.Read More

Party Makeup Artist

At Supriti Batra, we know exactly how to make you look special and gorgeous for all your special occasions, parties and events! Whether you plan to attend a destination wedding or an engagement night or even if you are in the mood to celebrate birthday party and other events with your special ones, we have you covered!Read More

Wedding Makeup Artist

Your wedding is undoubtedly one of your most special occasions in life and to make it even more memorable and fascinating; you need to hire an experienced wedding makeup artist.Read More

Celebrity Makeup Artist

Behind every show stopping celebrity red carpet look is a celebrity makeup artist who invests major’s time, skill and effort for the magic to happen. A celebrity along with its celebrity makeup artist should blend like chocolate chips and mint ice cream and if that compatibility is anything less than that then it’s definitely not worth it.Read More

Makeup Artist Delhi

Supriti Batra is a renowned, well known and has been tagged by many as the best makeup artist in Delhi, NCR. With extensive knowledge and vast experience in the industry she takes pride her list of testimonials that only speak of her dedication, commitment, exceptional skills and impeccable client relationship skills.Read More

Fashion Shows Makeup Artist

Supriti Batra’s beauty lab is exactly what you need to Ace the ramp walk. With expertise in HD makeup, silicone makeup, traditional makeup and airbrush makeup, and excellent beauty tips and tricks up her sleeve at all times Supriti Batra is the right choice when you are looking for a hassle free, flawless and drop dead gorgeous looks.Read More

Red Carpet Ready

Celebrities worldwide have rendered Supriti Batra’s Immaculate Makeup and Hairdo services and rocked their significant red carpet walks. Renowned celebrities have confidently embraced their proud red carpet moments with unique and flawless looks creatively crafted by Supriti Batra.Read More

Video Shoots

Supriti Batra is very well known across the industry for her impeccable and unparalleled makeovers. Her passion for this human art has helped her build a profound portfolio. Her portfolio also includes makeovers for renowned models and their video shoots. Video shoot makeup is no ordinary form of makeup. It is highly demanding in terms of details such as color combinations, the effect of the lights, model’s natural expressions, the background, the theme of the video shoot, the era it depicts, aRead More

Makeup workshop

With extensive industry experience and extreme passion for her profession, Supriti Batra stands out as a bespoke makeup artist. If you are passionate about learning profound tips and tricks for becoming a successful industry oriented makeup artist then her knowledge filled makeup workshop is precisely meant for you.Read More

HD Makeup

HD Makeup or High definition makeup is not a brand it’s actually a technique. It is a technique that the showbiz and beauty Industries take pride in. This technique has been developed to cater to the demands of 4k technology, and digital devices that display images with stunning clarity, unbelievable detail and heightened color. The HD Makeup Technique is meant to mimic a second skin effect on camera and off camera. This art is quite the talk of the town and not a skill for just any artist.Read More

Silicon Makeup

Supriti Batra’s Silicone makeup services are truly impeccable, opulent and unbeatable. With her profound knowledge of a broad spectrum of vitamin rich, hypo allergic and dermatologically tested premium products and her extraordinary passion for her profession, Supriti Batra has made a name for herself in the Industry in a very short span of time.Read More

Airbrush Makeup Artist

Wondering what airbrush makeup is? This technique involves makeup application with an airbrush instead of conventional tools and methods such as brushes, sponges, and duo fiber brush. Airbrush makeup uses an air compressor, airbrush gun, and a special foundation. Airbrush makeup services are perfect to bestow you with a beautiful, flawless and glamorous look for any occasion.Read More

Engagement Makeup

Supriti Batra provides special engagement makeup with utmost care keeping in mind the choice of products and shades to suit your skin, the weather, time – morning or evening, and the venue/background of your engagement. Her makeup provides a very natural glow and radiance to the skin add to your oomph thus providing a WOW impact! Read More

Bridal makeup Artist

The wedding day is the most important day for the bride and she needs to be pampered and feel comfortable. Supriti Batra takes utmost care in creating the most elegant and charming bridal look. From choosing the right shades, the perfect products and best techniques, she also adds a dash of her love and emotions to comfort her brides. With all these ingredients its nothing less than a picture perfect bride.Read More


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