Styling Tips for Every Mother of the Bride: 4 Tips That Must be Followed for the Big Day

Weddings are special; they are emotional as well. If you ask any mother of the bride, they will tell you that the entire journey of seeing a daughter get married is extremely emotional. There is pride, happiness, and a tinge of sadness too. And amidst this emotional journey, among the wedding flurries, there is hardly any time for the mother for herself. But she cannot afford to look less beautiful than her daughter. If her daughter is the showstopper, she is the second-in-command. So, what are the four tips that every mother of the bride should follow to look her radiant best?

Wearing the right saree on the big day
Whether it is chic georgette or a stunning kanjeevaram, mothers of the brides look extremely elegant in a saree says Surpriti Batra, makeup artist in Delhi NCR. If your mother has the special liking for that lovely kanjeevaram, you can suggest a twist with a full-sleeved blouse made out of lace. The lace adds a modern touch, and the saree can be teamed up with a string of emeralds. The sharara can do wonders even for the mommy. Many elderly woman have issues with their tummy; it is time to get a flowy designer sharara where the top ends just in the mid-thigh. Velvet pallu with high-necked blouses look really stylish and can create the much-needed fashion element in the saree.

Think about the colours
Most mothers love the neutral colour palette; but as a bride you can ask her to experiment with different colours. You may find a bright pink saree shocking, but not when you wear it with amazing accessories. And who has said that you cannot experiment with colours and designs? So, all the glowing brides of the world can really boost up their mothers for colour experimentation. If you are wearing a deep wine saree, you can always ask your mother to go for salmon pink. If dark green is your colour of the day, she can always match up with a softer greener shade.

Matching it up with accessories
Wearing the right saree or the lehenga is not enough; you need to team it up with matching beautiful accessories. First take a look at her shoes; they should be stylish and at the same time comfortable. They are the ones who do most of the running for a smooth show; so choose something nice and trendy and that matches with their dress. Also, a lovely clutch or a purse would be nice to carry on important things like envelopes, receipts and even petty things like hair pins.

Take care of the hairstyle
Indian women, says Supriti Batra, makeup artist in Delhi are known for their beautiful hair. If she does not like to sport long tresses, as a bride you can take your mother for a haircut. It can be a blunt or a bob cut; to make it look classy they can opt for a middle parting. But on the big day, your mother should have professional help to look her classy best. Those who have long mane can keep it open on the wedding day; but maintain shoulder length hair so that it does not look messy. And if you are planning to tie up the hair, you can opt for a loose knot or a French bun.

It is not only the bride, but also the mother of the bride who has to shine through the ceremony; so girls buck up and help your mom to get the right look!

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