Things to look out for in a wedding makeup artist in Delhi

A wedding is beyond doubt an important occasion, if not the most important occasion in a woman’s life. She’s aware that she has to look her best not just for the flashing bulbs, but also for her near and dear ones. Now, the bride may have a regular makeup artist in Delhi whom she visits to get her hair and skin done, but for her wedding day she needs the best. Among them, Supriti Batra has been making waves with her immaculate and beautiful makeup that leaves a smile on the bride’s face which is not at all forced.

What does she do differently?
All of the brands used for makeup are internationally reputed like Chanel, MAC, Makeup Forever, and Bobbi Brown for example. These products have been tried and tested by innumerable glamorous ladies for many years and their reputation is beyond question. As a well-known makeup artist in Delhi, Supriti believes that the bride should be made to feel comfortable first and foremost and in so doing, she suggests various types of customisable looks to the would- be- bride, keeping in mind her complexion and skin tone.

The Process
After selecting a particular look, Supriti gets to work quickly. Time is of the essence because the bride has to participate in many rituals. Foundation is applied with a strong and sure hand after which the cheekbones are highlighted. Deft touches make the cheekbones stand out, while the eyelids are also given extra luster and sheen with her magic touch. Particular attention is paid to the lips so that they strike a balance with the overall look which the bride wants.

About Supriti Batra

Supriti Batra, a make up artist by profession specialize in Bridal make up, pre bridal make up, HD makeup, Air Brush makeup and many more services related to makeup and hairdo. She passionately believes in creating a definite differential where bridal makeup is concerned by customizing makeup techniques, products and style for every individual bride.