Tips to apply perfect lipstick

Lips attract huge attention when interacting with people. Therefore, it is important to master over the art of applying perfect lipstick each time you step out, especially if it is for your pre-wedding parties or your wedding dinners. Your wedding makeup will be taken care of by an expert but that is just the beginning of your journey. Here are some tips on how to apply lipstick just the way it must be done.

Know the basics
Before taking a hand on how to apply lipstick, it is required that you should be aware of what actually suits your face in general and lips in particular. You should have knowledge of which shades and brands suit your lips. Selecting the right lipstick shade will also depend on your skin tone. Before buying, test all those shades you wish to buy. Another fact to consider is the difference between matte and sheer shades. Pink in matte and pink in gloss will be very different from each other.

Moisturize your lips
It is required to moisturize your lips daily. Use a nice high quality lip balm to save them from developing cracks. It will also help to avoid caking, which is the outcome of dry lips.

Apply Concealer
By applying concealer before applying the lipstick you provide a base to your lips, which helps to give out the true colour of the shade chosen. The end result is very neat.

Steps to apply lipstick

  1. Lip Liner: This is the first and most important step to follow. The biggest blunder one can ever commit is to apply a darker shade of lip liner as compared to your lipstick. Best choice of lip liner is to pick a neutral shade flowing smoothly over the lip line. Use a rounded tip lip liner as they define your lips better than the pointed ones.
  2. Apply the shade: Start from the center of the upper lip and then reach out to the corners. Make sure you do not cross the outline of your lips. Follow the same step on the lower lip. Fill both the lips properly. Use a lip brush if required.
  3. Blotting and re-applying: Blot your lips with a tissue paper and then re-apply the shade for a finished look. This will avoid developing a cakey or dry look over your lips and the lipstick will last longer.
  4. Clean-up: To get perfectly shaped coloured lips, make sure you clean up the edges of your lips using a concealing brush or a simple Q-tip will also help do the task.
There you go! Perfect smile with a perfectly applied lipstick to make you look even more confident. For all the brides-to-be who will be busy attending dinners and parties, this is the trick. To get more on bridal makeup sessions from a professional artist book an appointment with Supriti Batra, the name you will always remember!

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