Traditional vs. Airbrush Makeup

Makeup industry has grown manifolds and offers great options when one goes to decide for her bridal makeup. There was a time when the traditional style of makeup was the only option left for brides rather there wasn’t any option at all. With creative brains running all across beauty and makeup industry, you now have options to select your bridal makeup style. Here in this article we are bringing a comparison of traditional makeup technique with airbrush makeup. I would say one should go for airbrush makeup, but why would you do this when it costs you more than the traditional makeup? Here is a little bit of comparison for you.

Traditional Makeup
Remember the days when we were kids and used to wait for an opportunity to take a glance into our mother’s kit and then try it all on us. The time has changed and now we own our personal kits that are set to make us look beautiful every single day. Traditional makeup technique uses pancake, creams or powder form of products that are applied using a sponge or finger tips. It offers wide range of shades as compared to any other form of makeup. Traditional makeup if used in an efficient way can be best makeup option for any occasion. With this makeup you can use different styles of brushes to give a smoother and blended finish. This is the most common method used by beauty makeup artist to enhance the looks of their clients. Be it wedding or a party or your first date with ramp, makeup is what that boosts your confidence to walk with elegance.

Airbrush Makeup
Unlike traditional makeup, airbrush makeup uses an air gun to release makeup that is light weight and produces an even layer which gives matte finish. The makeup can be made thin or heavy depending upon application style. Market offers a variety of airbrush makeup products that are specifically meant to be used with an air gun. Once fed with the product you simply need to press the trigger to release a spray of your product. This technique has become very popular due its flawless finished look. This type of makeup brings out great looking pictures when using high definition videos or digital cameras. It being non-transferable, airbrush makeup stays long on your face and relives you from tension of it being rubbed off. It is also effective when one needs to hide a tattoo or any sort of camouflage on the body.

A professional beauty makeup artist, like Supriti Batra, will always assist you with the choice of makeup and will be transparent on pros and cons of both the makeup categories. One can fix for an appointment to discover new possibilities for you.

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