What next after training in a good makeup school?

All those who wish to kick start their career as a professional makeup artist look forward to a reputed makeup school where they can receive their formal training as an artist and can be picked by a spa, salon, cosmetic company, celebrity makeup recruiter or somewhere similar. After you have received a formal training in your field and even got picked by someone, what is the next step? According to a renowned makeup academy in Gurgaon, an artist should not stop after getting a good job. It is just the beginning of a journey of innovation, exploration and development.

Keep looking for better opportunities!
May be as beginner you start your career under some beautician, at a spa, or doing proms and wedding functions. But you should keep looking for something grand and glamorous. Keep trying to get some makeover opportunities in live events, theatres etc. from where you can straight away enter into the real glamour industry. Even if you are not looking forward to be a celebrity makeup artist you can establish yourself as specialist in wedding makeup or party makeup or a makeover specialist etc.

Keep sharpening your skills!
It is rightly said that there is no end to learning in any field. Even after your training at the beauty school you should not stop learning. Keep sharpening your skills by attending various training workshops held from time to time. According to Supriti Batra, renowned makeup artist, it is very important to update yourself and know what is in vogue.

About Supriti Batra

Supriti Batra, a make up artist by profession specialize in Bridal make up, pre bridal make up, HD makeup, Air Brush makeup and many more services related to makeup and hairdo. She passionately believes in creating a definite differential where bridal makeup is concerned by customizing makeup techniques, products and style for every individual bride.