What Pre-Bridal procedures are followed in a parlour?

A wedding is one of the most memorable moments of a bride’s life and she deserves to look her best on that day. Many parlours in Delhi offer pre-bridal packages, where the bride is treated from top to toe.

Here are some of the items you might find on a pre-bridal package.
As the big day appears, there will be a lot of things that will ask for your attention. Hence you should choose a place that has all facilities under one roof. Also look out for the hygiene levels of the salon, and also scout the area before you sign up for anything.

For the face, you need to schedule a bleaching treatment at the salon. For this, milk based bleach is the best and it works wonders on the skin. A healthy skin can only happen from within, so if you have skin conditions, you can always consult a doctor first. The eyebrows need to be groomed and the upper lips threaded by a makeup artist in Delhi.

There are many things that you can do for your body which include regular exfoliation and body polishing treatments to scrub the dead cells off and make you look younger.

A deep massage with aromatic oils also helps because it relaxes you.

You should get a body pack a few days with the bridal makeup artist in Delhi, because it adds a glow or sheen to the body. Apart from these above mentioned treatments there are also other things you can do to make the whole process complete.

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